MABU Minions – Maria Docktor

MariaDockter_HS_smMaria Dockter joined MABU in January as project manager for interactive media and has quickly found her groove in the web world. Maria brings extensive experience in project management and coordinates the development of websites, mobile apps and other digital projects.

Maria was previously a Project Manager at AVI Systems in Bismarck. She recently graduated from the University of Mary with a Master’s degree in Project Management, and is a certified associate in Project Management through the Project Management Institute.

Her wide-ranging hobbies include gaming, music, sci-fi (did someone say Trekkie?), and crocheting – which all make her one interesting person to know.

MABU Minions – Welcoming Steph to MABU

StephScheurer_HS_smStephanie Scheurer (pronounced “shire”) joined MABU in January as communications project manager. Steph has experience in interviewing, writing, video production and social media management. She will assist with the coordination and production of print, online, TV and radio materials.

Steph is a 2013 graduate from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Before joining MABU, she was a news reporter for KX News.

In her personal time, when she isn’t relaxing with her sister or raising her voice in song with her church’s worship team, she’s dreaming of a whirlwind vacation – literally. Her bucket list includes a storm chasing Tornado Tour.

3D Heart for North Dakota Health Department

MABU-Art3_1The use of 3D technology is no longer just for video games. For the past year, MABU has been exploring how to bring real time, three-dimensional (3D) content to the web. This led to the creation of a 3D heart for the North Dakota Department of Health. The Health Department was looking for an interactive tool to educate viewers about heart health. Instead of a traditional print ad, teams at MABU created a way to get up close to a human heart.

MABU built and textured the 3D assets, then used Babylon JS framework and WebGL to bring the content directly into the web browser in real-time. The 3D heart allows users to view a healthy heart functioning normally versus one with a fatty buildup that restricts blood flow and has the potential for future problems.

The possibilities of 3D are limitless. “We can really focus in on education and training resources, developing learning tools for anything; from dinosaurs, historical locations, to manufacturing and construction processes,” says Nick Kramer, web Services Director at MABU.

To view the North Dakota Health Department’s 3D heart, visit and click on “3D Heart.” For more information on interactive 3D technology, visit

MABU Virtual Tours

An unwrapped virtual tour photo showing the distortion needed to create a 360° view.

Would you like to take your business to the next level on google? Agency MABU now creates virtual tours and used our own agency to test the waters first. Through extensive research, the purchase of a Nodal Ninja tripod mount, a 180° fish eye lens, and image stitching software, a digital walk inside MABU became a reality.

MABU useds Google Street View as a platform. Each area is photographed and stitched together to capture a 360° view of the location. “This technology allows you to share your space virtually without customers even setting foot in the building,” says Ed Sargeant, Multimedia Services Director at MABU.
Sargeant says virtual tours are ideal for hotels, hospitals, and museums (just to name a few). Take your classroom of students to places abroad or provide potential guests a glimpse of your accommodations and amenities. Whether for educational purposes or to entice a prospective customer, a virtual tour can be a valuable tool.

Sargeant along with MABU’s President Mike Mabin are in the process of building virtual tour packages to make it easier for clients to purchase, whether it’s capturing an entire facility or just important zones. For more information or if you’d like MABU to bring your business to life on the web, give us a call! You can find MABU’s virtual tour on Google Maps.

Marketing Goes High-Tech and High-Touch

MABU-eNews_1Q16_Art1_MikeChange or perish. That’s the reality of doing business in today’s digital world, especially when it comes to marketing and communications. People are dramatically changing the way in which they send, receive and consume information.

To stay relevant, evaluate your own communications strategy by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is your website responsive and optimized for mobile devices and search engines?
  • Do you have an effective social media strategy to grow your online presence?
  • Are you advertising in media outlets that quantify your return on investment?
  • Are your messages designed to engage audiences and create two-way communication?
  • Are you assessing your customer’s needs and satisfaction levels?

    These are the type of questions we’re helping our clients answer at Agency MABU. We’re committed to continually evolving to stay on the leading edge of the marketing and advertising industry.

    As part of our mission to continue to be on the forefront of digital marketing, MABU recently purchased Todaymade, a Bismarck-based web development service.

    The January 15, 2016 acquisition of Todaymade’s systems allows MABU to build upon our strength of providing technology-based marketing services such as website and app development, aerial imaging, 3D animation, social media management and other emerging and new
    media solutions.

    At MABU, we’re embracing the changing world of digital communications. Marketing, communications, and advertising have never been so exciting and diverse. We now are able to offer opportunities to connect with people in more meaningful ways. Join us in the journey.

MABU Acquires Todaymade


We’re pleased to announce that Agency MABU has signed an agreement to acquire Todaymade LLC, a premier provider of web development services.

This exciting development builds upon MABU’s strength as an industry-leading digital marketing company. Agency MABU has been providing a full array of marketing, advertising and web development services for nearly 15 years to an ever-growing base of clients from all across the nation representing over 500 business enterprises, government agencies and Native American entities.

Agency MABU’s acquisition of Todaymade includes various operational and intellectual assets such as the trade name, corporate website, a proprietary content management system called TodayCMS, and over 50 hosted e-mail accounts and websites serving organizations, both large and small, throughout the region. Todaymade has launched a new line of business and their employees will transition with their new company.

 Mike_small“This acquisition allows MABU to build upon our strength of providing technology-based marketing services such as website and app development, aerial imaging, 3D animation, social media management and other emerging and new media solutions.” said MABU President and Founder Mike Mabin.


Shutter Pilots Takes Flight

The future of aerial imaging is here. Shutter Pilots, a new business affiliated with Agency MABU, provides low-altitude photography, cinematography and 2D/3D visualization services using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Equipped with the latest technology including high definition (HD) cameras, GPS positioning systems and radio-controlled aircraft, UAVs give a new perspective to videos, photos, and websites.

ShutterPilots - web header
Mike Mabin and Ed Sargeant piloting the DJI Phantom 2.

Shutter Pilots received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exemption to operate UAVs for the use of aerial imaging and computer animation in 2015. The company operates a fleet of five aerial imaging quadcopters.

The technology can be utilized in a variety of applications from flyovers and 3D renderings of real estate developments to capturing historic sites and reconstructing what they might have looked like hundreds of years ago.

Visit to learn more and view videos.

Client Spotlight – North Dakota Tourism is Tempting Tastebuds

MABU partnered with the North Dakota Department of Commerce (Tourism Division) to create a new brochure for hungry travelers. The North Dakota Food & Festivals brochure showcases top stops across the state for things like hearty German-Russian comfort foods (knoephle and kuchen for example), to fine dining establishments, and  fun food festivals and events.

The North Dakota Food & Festivals brochure features categories such as “Hot Slices” or “Sweet Spots” to make finding good eats easy for locals and travelers alike.
The North Dakota Food & Festivals brochure features categories such as “Hot Slices” or “Sweet Spots” to make finding good eats easy for locals and travelers alike.

North Dakota is one of the nation’s top producers of many agricultural products. The tourism attractions in this brochure incorporate the state’s broad culinary offerings, while highlighting North Dakota’s rich culture and agricultural heritage.

Client Spotlight – Self-Governance Communication & Education

The responsively designed SGCE website offers quick links and engaging images.
The responsively designed SGCE website offers quick links and engaging images.

In order to better serve their client base, Self-Governance Communication & Education (SGCE), a tribally-based consortium, partnered with MABU to update their website. The website needed to be easier to navigate with a new, inviting look. MABU used responsive web design to ensure enhanced usability for all visitors regardless of viewing device, and also helped the organization implement a new logo.

“Agency MABU modernized our brand and website. Their team was professional, courteous, and responsive throughout the process. We can’t imagine experiencing the process with anyone else.”
– Terra Branson, Director, SGCE

SGCE’s goal is to ensure that the tenets and purpose of tribal self-governance are accurately communicated and clearly understood by the federal government, non-participating self-governance tribes, and all other interested parties. For more information and to view the new site, visit

MABU Teams Up for Annual NIEA Convention

For two years, Agency MABU has worked alongside the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) to support their Annual Convention and Trade Show. NIEA is the premiere organization advocating for educational excellence, opportunity, and equity for Native American students. This event is the only national convention focused solely on improving Native education.

Conference branding designed by MABU

NIEA’s 46th Annual Convention and Trade Show was held in Portland, Oregon from October 14-17. For over eight months, Agency MABU worked closely with NIEA to support the production of this 1,500+ person event, serving as the liaison between NIEA, the Oregon Convention Center, and multiple other vendors, including audiovisual technicians, decorators, caterers, hotels, and printers.  In addition to coordinating the event’s logistics, MABU designed the event’s 80+ page program, event signage, tote bags, and t-shirts.

NIEA 2015 convention
NIEA 2015 convention

MABU team members Alexander Mabin, Megan Full, Chris Amador, Mike Mabin, and Stacey LaCompte provided on-site assistance and support during the week of the convention. This year’s program boasted over 100 workshops, a trade show, a college fair, and a series of cultural performances by local tribes.  NIEA 2016 will be held in Reno, NV and MABU is excited to continue working with NIEA in anticipation of their 50th anniversary in 2019.

The MABU team - (l to r) Megan Full, Alexander Mabin and Chris Amador pause for a photo while supporting the NIEA conference in Portland, OR.
The MABU team – (l to r) Megan Full, Alexander Mabin and Chris Amador pause for a photo while supporting the NIEA conference in Portland, OR.